The daily loaf is on every table, at every celebration, and at every important life event. It nourishes us all - across generations and to the four corners of the earth. Bread has been a celebration of the cycle of life for thousands of years.

I’ve been baking bread since I was 16. It is an expression of my creativity and curiosity. I started Gigi’s bread about 6 years ago, bringing together my years of teaching and love of cooking.

I teach bread making classes in my home, sprinkling them with my life’s knowledge of living healthily and creatively.

I have cooked at an adult education centre and taught cooking in special needs school for young people. I love enabling people to be playful, connect with dough and enjoy it as much as I do.

I also supply bread to local health food stores, offering delicious bread to people in my local community.

A few years ago I joined Stoneham Bakehouse, a bakery run by volunteers in my local community. I enjoy connecting to other bakers and sharing the joy of baking. I am a member of The Real Bread Campaign, supporting the baking of real, down to earth, natural bread. You will find me on their list of classes.

Gigi x